Finger Paints

Studio christening today
and what better way
than by finger painting.

Superhero husband built
the rest of the painting
stations and I decided to
christen some by finger
painting away some back
ground papers to play with
for something that will
come alive over the outside
door to the studio.

I also sprayed a piece of
canvas with acrylics last night
to create a banner that will
act as a sign for the studio.

Papers side one
and the canvas

Papers side two
ready for more…

All the paper will be torn, manipulated,
painted, glittered and finished off with
gel medium to stiffen them up to become
something that I won’t reveal just yet.

I was so relaxed and began to really love
the tempura paints for their fluidity,
inexpensiveness, and huge
variety of color choices to play with.
I am liking them so much
I think they will become
a regular part of my
practice in all my work
even the collage.
They dry in a second,
(well in 10 minutes)
and if you are careful
can be coated with gel medium
or glitter glue
and will then be more permanent.

Fine arts no, but art play and mail art,
yes, yes yes…

Hope your Monday begins on a sunny note.

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