Digital Summer


And of course Geri had an even more amazing
thing to play with… here is my o-matic creation…

Sooooo I will be playing with this some more….

Playing with PSE 9 this afternoon, trying
to get a better handle on working with it.

I love the offset feature because it turns
photos of collage into other collage, like
and endless stream of options for combining
and shifting.  Like moving paper scraps
around and seeing what develops for

I used the shadow pics from the
last post combined with some images
of my banner that I was working on.
Here is what evolved.

I love that you can see the
canvas itself – gives it a more
painterly effect for a digital
composisition.  Makes me
think of tutti fruit ice cream
with these colors.

This one has a layer
of crackle texture to
it. The background
looks like paper towel
texture to me.

Some cool blues and greens
and some hot pinks and purples.
Summer baby, summer.

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