Did You Ever Get Chickens In The Mail?

Spring has sprung.
Chickens(and ducks) will be hatching.

For those of you who don’t
live near the farm, or co-op
if you want chickens,
you order them and
they come in the mail.

There is nothing more strange
than getting that call from the
central post office letting you
know that your chicks (or
in our case ducklings) have
arrived and did you want to
come and pick them up.

Of course you do, and you
get there and take possession
of a chirping or quacking box
full of the most precious
fluffy beings you ever
want to see.

In honor of those fluffy
wonders who bring us
the goodness of their
fresh eggs just for the taking,
I made this funky chicken
mail art.

Recycled post card mailer
with funky chicken images.

Are you getting chickens in the mail this year?

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