Circling Birds

Orioles scamp through the
trees sipping nectar
from the buds. Goldfinches
have yellowed to brilliant hue.
The fiery colors of Spring have
returned to bird world and
the sights are welcome indeed.

Inspiring collage play
with circles and birds
and the chaos of colored
pencil, pen and ink.

The bird stamp a gift
from my son and his girl,
isn’t it a sweet tweet.
Look for it in Paper Source.

Yesterday I attended an
open studio at the new
Sparkle Days Studio
(even though the space is
still full of other  people’s stuff),
but I had a chance
to mingle and mix and
meet some of the most
creative, lovely people who
welcomed me with open arms.
This is a magical place
and I cannot wait to be
part of this community.

I returned home and found
these lovelies waiting
for me.

An ATC from pen pal
Darlene in Texas, LOL.

And these fabulous cards from Julie King

please do visit her blog to see more of
her wonderful mixed media art.

Off to listen to the DH at his
performance with his blues group
this afternoon.

Enjoy your Sunday, hopes it’s as sunny
as goldfinch!

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