Children As Teachers.

I had the most incredible weekend at our
open studios.  The universe gifted me
with an amazing group of families
who came and painted with me.

I wasn’t thinking about kid’s classes
in the studio but I enjoyed myself
so much and was ignited by
the children’s so evident passion
for free expression that I agreed
to the requests of many of the
parents to start a parent/child
intuitive painting class.

Here is what I wrote about it on
my studio blog.

The Wisdom of Children

Children are bold, wildly alive, authentic
and fearless.  They know what they want
and they express it with abandon.

Painting with exactly what brush they like
saturating the paper and gleefully making
color come alive.

They paint what is in their hearts and
speak in a true voice.  Their wisdom
about themselves is awe inspiring.

When kids paint, I want to be a kid
again and feel that free wheeling
creativity that shoots forth from
little fingers, little hearts and big,
wise minds.

I had the pleasure of painting in the
studio this weekend with lots
of great kids and great parents.
I witnessed the interchange of
love and listening between them
and I am most grateful to all of
them who painted with me.

To see an incredible magazine
that celebrates just this feeling
go here.

Big Kids Magazine***


Bravery, Imagination and Generosity

Their words say it all, don’t you think?

*** I want to thank Maya for introducing this
magazine to me on her blog.  I ordered a copy
right away and it is just brilliant.  We could 
all use our inner child to emerge.  Get a copy and
read it and be amazed.
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