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All over the place

Don’t know about you all out there, but creatively this month has been all over the place thus far. Paint, stencil, stamp, stitch and do it over again. Stitching a doll, working in the journal, stenciling and stamping background papers. Having some fun with Carolyn Dube’s stencil. And some journal play. What have you been […]


Time with a friend

My friend Erika came for a long overdue art day on Thursday. In the spirit of winter vacation, we kept it simple and made collages while we chatted away over a cuppa. A great escape of several hours and then off to a warming lunch. We were inspired by Carolyn’s washi tape post last week, […]


Muse doll for 2018

Be the light is my theme for 2018. It’s been sitting with me for a while and ruminating. Of course I had to celebrate this them with a riot of colorful hues. In the last month or so I’ve been stitching on her and today I completed my intuitive process and her journey on time […]


Fa la la

The tree that almost wasn’t has been renewed With twinkly lights and some safety too. The elves have been busy making gifts by hand And relaxation into the dark season has begun No more frantic things to do. Bake a puppy biscuit or twenty two Mrs. Peabody’s world has a magical view Of some rainbow […]


So the tree that almost wasn’t

Much to our surprise after a yoga class we arrived home to fine the plug end and more than a foot of lights from our tree in pieces on the ground. I am thankful that I am diligent about leaving everything unplugged while Miss Roxie, also known as Chewbacca, is a most curious puppy. I […]


Yes I can

Had a face come to me and this seemed like the best title for her expression. Yes, I can! She is determined that is for sure. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and some time with the grown kiddo and his girl. Some local holiday cheer and a noodle bowl lunch! I also […]

Busy busy busy

Busy busy busy

I’ve been busy busy busy— how about you? Holidays, making, puppies and yoga. Is that enough?? More than enough I would say. Dolls are back calling to me. Meet Snowbell and Snowball. Snowbell is pretty sweet with her vintage fabrics and blues of winter and mini blue angel wings. Snowball is a bit wilder, looking […]

Olivia Odd

Olivia Odd

Olivia Odd lives in an orange house on Olympia Avenue in Oakdale. Olivia is neither ordinary or extraordinary but she likes order in her office at the outerwear factory. At home she enjoys making omelette‘s from the eggs of her pet Buff Orpington chickens. She enjoys oatmeal and okra too. In the evenings she cuddles […]

Tiny Art

Tiny Art

Tiny Art. Something small and a bit precious. I have been drawn to making tiny this week. By tiny I mean 5” x 7”. Using 140 lb watercolor  paper which I love to work on.  Paint and collage, making what shows up. Simple acts of creating are so joyous and restful. Enjoying having no expectations […]