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Art closet under the stairs

One spot in the house we have ignored was a dingy under the stairs closet. I really wanted to get my materials organized and out of the way to provide more open workspace and a feeling of lightness in the studio. My oh so handy Superhero used up almost the last of our wood stash […]


Photo Alterations

Been absent for a week or so with visits from a far away friend and grandkids. Lots of work in progress but nothing quite ready to show except some photo alterations. A bit of color for a midweek WIP.             An enjoyable alteration exploration for a mid week break  


Wind Driven

The days have been wind driven. And oh so cold but exhilarating. I find the bracing weather so healthful for me. Playing in the snow with the dogs turns me into that kid hiding inside my snow fort igloo holding a hot cocoa in my hands. A certain red heeler girl likes it too…    […]


Singular Focus

Dipping my toe back into the art journal with singular focus.  Feeling in a cyclopean mood.  Thinking about a simple word: collage.  It permeates everything I do, from my journal pages to my one pot meals.  A melding of elements and flavors too.  Affirming and defining for this journal woman, the who the what the […]


Simple Collage Gift Bag

I’m doing a tutorial on how I made this simple collage gift bag for the holidays over at Jessica Sporn’s blog.  She’s got a week of guest tutorial’s for the holidays, don’t miss a single one. Her Menorah in yesterday’s post is so special. Joy for the season.