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StencilGirl Blog Hop — Sue Pelletier

Sue Pelletier always makes me laugh.  In a class, in the hallway, on her Facebook page.  There is an infectious sense of humor in her that just makes everyone around her take deep belly laughs.  She also brings out the kid in me.  Her stencils are FUN, remember FUN for the sake of FUN.  Well, […]


StencilGirl Blog Hop — Terri Stegmiller

I am so grateful that Terri Stegmiller designs such simple and graphic stencils, which of course she uses brilliantly to make her art quilts, stunning bags, and all manner of fiber goodness.  Yes I have a girl crush.  I am also grateful that she decided to create stencils for StencilGirl, which I can use in […]


StencilGirl Blog Hop – Grateful – Jane LaFazio

Happy Friday everyone.  I am so grateful to share this blog hop with everyone and to share a little bit about my project which is mail art. For this project I used Jane LaFazio’s  Pods Stencil And since our theme for the hop was grateful, I really felt that making mail art to send to […]


StencilGirl Blog Hop — Cecelia Swatton –Bedazzled

Happy Friday everyone.  Today we are playing with the wonderful stencils from Cecelia Swatton. I am looking forward to hopping around to see what everyone creates just as much as you.  I find it fascinating to see all the directions we can take these stencils in and enjoy the true voices of the StencilGirl gang. […]

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Jessica Sporn’s Bubble Girl Stencil Hop — Blowing Wishes of Hope

Jessica Sporn is one of my favorite StencilGirl artists to work with.  She is a friend and I really resonate with her work so it makes it easy for me to play with her stencils. I know that Jessica is always putting herself out there 100%+ in everything she does, and there is always alot […]


Mood Monday — It’s All About Color

Upbeat and colorful.  You know me, push color.  Monoprinting on the gelli with wonky circles and a couple of stencils by good friends, Stitch a Doily by Maria McGuire  and Dots and Dashes by Jessica Sporn. Usings teal and red and yellows and oranges……some digital manipulation on the black photo….just exploring and playing and pushing color. […]