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Studio doings 

Designing and stitching imaginary creatures for the holiday fair. Each softie will have a tag so the child who receives it will know it’s their creature to define and name. Imaginary play making is the goal. They also appeal to the big kid in me. And to some of you, who have commented to me. […]


My animal

Making as always, some new dolls for the Gallery gift shop. “My Animal”. Each one will be slightly different so a child can decide what kind  of animal they want it to be. I like the idea of no preconceptions.  Is it an owl?  A bear? A cat? Or a animalope? Soft and cuddly for […]


Stitching Fingers

I feel like I’ve been out of the loop for a while.  No posts, no visits to friends, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  One more day and I can slow it down a bit.  With a new pup in the house and an art sale event I am coordinating in […]


Art Dolls and Softies

My dual fishy nature often causes me to head in two directions in my creative life.  Some days it’s all soft and cute, other days it’s funky and odd.  Some days it’s both.  There is no consistency in my path, but I feel like my authenticity comes through no matter where I wander on my […]


Sleepytime Moon

Continuing stitch explorations with a child’s softie. Or an adult’s too. We all love a bit of comfort don’t we? Hand stitched features on wool blend felt on a huggable pillow. Maybe some lavender ones in the works or tiny pockets to be added for trinkets. Exploring simplicity.