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Play Day Sunday 

I haven’t played in the studio with paints for a while. As a de-stressed, printing with my new Gel Press plates always melts the tension. I did a bit of fabric which is drying and so painted background papers using the super size 12×14″ plate. Something so satisfying about slapping it down on to whatever […]


Studio doings 

Designing and stitching imaginary creatures for the holiday fair. Each softie will have a tag so the child who receives it will know it’s their creature to define and name. Imaginary play making is the goal. They also appeal to the big kid in me. And to some of you, who have commented to me. […]


Autumn Rising

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>   There was a distinct chill breeze in the air this morning and I thought, Autumn rising.  Cool enough to close the doors and keep the windows from being wide open.  Even in the heat of the day, a sea breeze still prevailed and the air just felt- different. […]


WIP paintings

Painting, painting and more. Working on 8 canvases simultaneously. Getting ready for a show and an art fair. Blues have been calling me all summer. This river I walk daily must be singing to me. Sand and detritus, odd bits and fabric still to be-come a part of it all. Painting until the energy drains […]


A lot of WIP and not a lot of done

Stitching dolls, painting backgrounds. A lot of work happening all at once and not much finished. Summer time heat and I’m easily distracted. Sitting in the shade with iced coffee watching dog TV happening in the yard. A good Craig Johnson Longmire mystery and a nap in the hammock. A new way of eating, can […]


Captured by painting again

Painting has captured me in it’s grips.  Lots moving intuitively, only one to show a bit so far.  More to come with the framing and inclusions. An assemblage painting of sorts. Some close-ups And it all started here… More later…   <a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>