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Random acts of mark making

Making random marks in my journal and noticing what happen when I purposefully distort the photo close ups. A whole new world emerges and I “see” differently. A wandering down the rabbit hole in a new direction.              A new language of marks.    


Stitching A Life

My fingers are stiff from stitching.  Stitching a life becomes me and I become it.  I dream of stitching. Stitching my dreams into some cohesive long poem of living, I stitch here and there and write furiously in my notebook. Make sketches of ideas to stitch and write and stitch some more. The wild thing […]

The Muses are In

Have you ever thought about the muses, how they come to you, how they change, how life, time and experience bring you different muses and how they effect the affect of how the work shapes itself? I’ve a project in the works that I’ll share later, but I’ve been exploring the muses and what is gifted […]


Finding Red

Red caught my eye today. Stitching red   Rusty red Mystele red BShiny red button on my garland red   Emergency red Cathy Nichols waxy red   Curtain birds red Zigzag art book red(thanks Jan) Mail art zine red (thanks Pamela) Metal red Scribble red Red in bits everywhere.  You never notice until you take […]


Noticing Life

Enjoying these last days before Christmas and the New Year – another year has almost flown by and I want to make sure I stay present for these next couple of weeks.  Painting more raw canvas for a new project in the works. Texturing walls and stitching some funky curtains for the petite dining room. […]