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Autumn Finally Arrives

Autumn has finally arrived here firmly in Maine.  We had temps near freezing for a few nights, a wild rain storm which knocked out power, sadly for many, for almost a week.  We were spared I think because we live near our local fire station with it’s marvelous WWII vintage siren to call the volunteers […]


Magnetic + Recycle = Up-cycle 52 Projects #33 and #34

Magnetic + recycle = up-cycle.  50% new and 50% recycle, for an art project that feels okay.  Every time I go thrifting and flea marketing, I’ve noticed there have been an abundance of cheap tin serving trays.  Sooooo…my recycling brain kicked into gear and said why not use these tins as substrates for a variety […]

Mother's Garden

Mother’s Garden 52 Projects #24

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day here in the USA.  I was remembering my Mother’s garden so many moons ago now.  It was not fancy, it was not ornate but it sure was cheery. I believe these memories were the impetus for this small 8×10″ painting. (you are seeing the cropped instagram version). She will […]


Autumn Rising

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>   There was a distinct chill breeze in the air this morning and I thought, Autumn rising.  Cool enough to close the doors and keep the windows from being wide open.  Even in the heat of the day, a sea breeze still prevailed and the air just felt- different. […]


WIP paintings

Painting, painting and more. Working on 8 canvases simultaneously. Getting ready for a show and an art fair. Blues have been calling me all summer. This river I walk daily must be singing to me. Sand and detritus, odd bits and fabric still to be-come a part of it all. Painting until the energy drains […]


Art Dolls and Softies

My dual fishy nature often causes me to head in two directions in my creative life.  Some days it’s all soft and cute, other days it’s funky and odd.  Some days it’s both.  There is no consistency in my path, but I feel like my authenticity comes through no matter where I wander on my […]