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Connectedness 2016

Connecting the dots of my creative life, mining for the tiny diamonds of my experiences, stitching them together like a string of jewels to wear.  Big changes moving forward into this new web site.  A new home to share all that my creative, heart-full life entails, experiencing the connectedness to everything. Visioning what the future […]


Seeking Stability

I’ve always been a lover of stones.  Smooth stones with stories to tell.  In our last house we were perched above a pond and I carried tons(literally) of stones home and placed them all around the yard, and in the house. Stones keep me grounded.  Their history so old, they seemed the perfect anchor to […]

still north to snow

Easing back in

Easing back in after the holiday.  The cold here held dampness in it’s grip and the wind joined the damp making it feel even colder.  Spotty snow here, but still alot more to the north with power outages and discomfort for many over Christmas.  Thinking about snow patterns and tiny villages tucked out of the […]

methods of thinking

Methods of Thinking

This little quip of type showed up while is was making a collage in my journal.  I think about thinking ALOT…while I am social and outgoing, my preference is to hide out at home and just make stuff in the basement – okay – really – not in a creepy way, just because I like […]

Paste, Paper, Paint and A Whole Lot of Gratitude

I admit it, I neglected the 40 Day Creativity Experiment for a few days while doing the studio dust up (which is still not dusted entirely), but no never mind. I definitely made up for it today in the studio before teaching, during teaching and after teaching – one minute turned into four hours. Today […]