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Connectedness 2016

Connecting the dots of my creative life, mining for the tiny diamonds of my experiences, stitching them together like a string of jewels to wear.  Big changes moving forward into this new web site.  A new home to share all that my creative, heart-full life entails, experiencing the connectedness to everything. Visioning what the future […]


Seeking Stability

I’ve always been a lover of stones.  Smooth stones with stories to tell.  In our last house we were perched above a pond and I carried tons(literally) of stones home and placed them all around the yard, and in the house. Stones keep me grounded.  Their history so old, they seemed the perfect anchor to […]

The Muses are In

Have you ever thought about the muses, how they come to you, how they change, how life, time and experience bring you different muses and how they effect the affect of how the work shapes itself? I’ve a project in the works that I’ll share later, but I’ve been exploring the muses and what is gifted […]


Noticing Life

Enjoying these last days before Christmas and the New Year – another year has almost flown by and I want to make sure I stay present for these next couple of weeks.  Painting more raw canvas for a new project in the works. Texturing walls and stitching some funky curtains for the petite dining room. […]


No Matter Which Way She Walks

No matter which way she walks, the message always come from two directions… As a fish swimming in the zodiac sea I am always being pulled in two directions.  As you can see from the twisting body above, there are always two points of reference for my thinking and it’s as if I am splitting […]