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Painting, Teaching, Friends…

Painting 52 Projects #20 and #21 funky flowers.  Different color ways warm and cool. 6×6 wood blocks panels. Kid rising in me.  Teaching kid stuff shapes. Nice family for our free play day at the association.  And a day spent in Wolfboro New Hampshire with good friend Erika.  Erika was a good sport to pose […]


Brown paper packages

My brown paper package held a most colorful thing.  A beautiful wreath of brush markers. Basking in the glow of a lovely Christmas spent with family and dear friends. The laughter infused us throughout the day  Looking back and looking forward.  Last years angel This year’s tiny muse doll in the works and a sunny […]


Running in Circles

I’ve been away from the blog world for almost two weeks.  Been running in circles while developing some new classes for 9-13 years olds for the gallery and town.  Making samples, getting ready for a workshop – Art-Is-You, where I get to see some long lost friends.  Face time is just not the same as […]


Membership, Friendship and Connection

Art heals, we all have heard that phrase haven’t we?  I know I certainly have.  I’ve lived it with friends making art together in small groups.  The friendships begin and are forged by connection.  The laughter, the mess making, paint on our hands, paint brushes dipped in coffee cups by mistake, a mistake on the […]


Around Here Lately

Always busy in my studio.  Working on the ideas that are flowing non-stop.  Having a hard time keeping up. I’ve been hosting over at art*journal*journey this month and most of my posts have been about the theme “Through My Window”, but I’ve been stitching up a storm behind the scenes and I thought I would […]