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A passage and a look back

This sweet boy left us last week at the age of 14 1/2.  RIP over the rainbow bridge Rusty, we miss you so much.  His passing got me going back in time to see where my life has taken me and I pulled some images from my old blog to share with you.  My heart […]


Stitching Fingers

I feel like I’ve been out of the loop for a while.  No posts, no visits to friends, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  One more day and I can slow it down a bit.  With a new pup in the house and an art sale event I am coordinating in […]


New Pup in the House

Welcome Tori. A tiny, smoosh of Aussie/border collie/lab mix???  We’re not quite sure but we picked her up yesterday at the shelter.  She’s about 17 weeks old and super sweet.  The canine crew has mostly rallied around her, although it’s been two years since we had a pup and they are not sure what to […]


Life goes on

It’s been a tough week for the family.  People and dogs.  We lost one of our own.  We had to say goodbye to Mr. Philo, our lab mix, who was just shy of 15. He visits my dreams, I look for him everywhere, do a head count when the dogs come in from the back […]

Blossom collage 12313

Faithful Companions

As I watch our new pup Peanut grow, and grow, oh, and grow, I am reminded of our most faithful companions who have gone before.  This little girl reminds me of another girl who has passed  but will never be forgotten. Blossom.  Ran every run, chased every squirrel, kept constant watch while we gathered kindling […]

beehive 111313

Keeping it Small

With a new puppy in the house, art time is reduced to stolen moments during nap time.  Reminds me so much of when my son was a toddler and I accomplished tasks while he napped.  So in the spirit of tiny, here are a few postal collages made during those brief intervals of time.  One […]

Mama V

Remembering Mama V

As you might remember from my post in June wednesday-affirmation-make-of-each-day-a-light-filled-vessel, we lost our sweet Mama V.  All this time I have been trying to paint her, to capture some of the innocence and sweetness that was her soul even though she endured the horror’s of the puppy mill for a long time before she escaped and […]

The Biscuit Thief:  A Stitch Story

The Biscuit Thief: A Stitch Story

There once was a mischevious beagle, who was dumped at the end of a road. Whose good fortune it was to be captured by a woodsman and brought here to me.  The woodsman he sought out our homestead to see if one of our beasts had escaped, but alas the poor pup was abandoned, and […]