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Photo Alterations

Been absent for a week or so with visits from a far away friend and grandkids. Lots of work in progress but nothing quite ready to show except some photo alterations. A bit of color for a midweek WIP.             An enjoyable alteration exploration for a mid week break  


Wee Hours of the Morning

I am sure most of you wake up in the wee hours of the morning at one time or another.  This morning it was the running of I don’t know what, the bulls at Pamploma, or a circle race around the house by several canine beings that woke me up.  Since I declined to do […]


Found Drawing Forest Sprite

Found drawing in my collage of a forest sprite.  Simple black image on a painted and collaged background inspired by the hint of a lettuce leaf from a magazine edge that formed her hair. Watercolor paper, scraps of painted paper, vintage book pages, kraft, acrylic paint, uniball black pen, gelli printed fabric. Wind, rain, thunder […]


Still *** Life

Still***Life.  Today was a still day, humid, unnaturally warm for New England, kind of gloomy.  Today was a still day for me, tired from being sick, doing too much, not really wanting to move.  A late walk, still air, nothing moving, not a breath.  Still life, photos of things that are static.  Some natural, some […]

wake me up coffee

Digital — Wake me up coffee

My favorite mug with a sweet sparkly air digitally manipulated.  “Wake me up coffee”  I can smell the French Roast now. There is a new May challenge up at Mix-It-Monthly about one of my favorite subjects.  Coffee… The Art-Journal-Journey theme is circles, well it all fits. Be sure to visit both links and follow on […]