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Hi ho hi 

Ho ho ho time is almost here. Today is frigid and windy and clear. Too cold for playing outside in the cold, hot coffee and crafting the story to be told.  Inspired by friend April Cole, today was playful coffee cuff upcycling.   And finishing my contemporary calypso rag wreath. I’m hooked on these knotted […]


Junk Mail redo

Once in a while you get a nice, heavyweight piece of junk mail you want to redo and send along to a friend.  Well, a friend sent me one and I decided to re-do it and send it back. (That friend might figure out who she is, so I better get this in the mail […]


Find the Divine

Pondering the Fall Fearless and Fly Challenge #6 led me to this page. These are the prompts from Dina Wakely for this challenge. (Headline Prompt:  Divided by God:  What does “God” mean to you?  How do you access”God” or the divine or the sacred in your life? Color Prompt: Metallics – gold, silver, copper, bronze, or all of […]

Cereal Box Collage

Cereal Box Collage

Been playing about with some different colors, darker, more vintage in response to Mary Beth Shaw’s Tic Tac Texture class I took at Art-Is-You.  All that ultramarine blue, teal(my fave),light violet(another different color), yellow oxide, burnt sienna and white.  Using cereal boxes as a substrate (5×7 pieces thereabouts) I experimented with various color combinations and […]