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Hi ho hi 

Ho ho ho time is almost here. Today is frigid and windy and clear. Too cold for playing outside in the cold, hot coffee and crafting the story to be told.  Inspired by friend April Cole, today was playful coffee cuff upcycling.   And finishing my contemporary calypso rag wreath. I’m hooked on these knotted […]



Faces for Soul Food, faces for Mix It Monthly…practicing not practicing and being sketchy.  Or trying to be anyway.  Trying to let go and be loose.  That’s sort of working, maybe?  More not practicing to come… Faces with unusual hats/head gear for Mix it Monthly…. Trying for a bit more realism…at least my version of […]

Doodle snowman

Silly Snowman

Keeping it simple, although the wrapping is calling and I am ignoring…..snow is just beginning to fall again and I am heading out for another walk with furry friends.  Temps have risen ever so slightly to a balmy 17F, so I won’t entirely freeze….Silly snowman coming off Sunday’s second doodle juice page.  Keeping it simple […]

Happy Doodle Juice

Happy Doodle Juice

Coming back to life after my cold, slowly, and some snow.  Shoveling was NOT a treat, but watching the dogs romp and play was the best medicine.  Needing some happy doodle juice to get me flowing again… Gotta get around to some wrapping, um, maybe tomorrow?  Back to my book.  


Mood Monday — It’s All About Color

Upbeat and colorful.  You know me, push color.  Monoprinting on the gelli with wonky circles and a couple of stencils by good friends, Stitch a Doily by Maria McGuire  and Dots and Dashes by Jessica Sporn. Usings teal and red and yellows and oranges……some digital manipulation on the black photo….just exploring and playing and pushing color. […]