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A Shawl and Tall Birdie Joe

Since late December, when I chose the word FRAGILE as my word for 2014, I have been seeking to lighten my load, free up my schedule and make room to listen more actively to the intuitive whispers that come on the wind and fill my dreams.  I began to hear the stories of the Buttonheads. […]


Flat Martha

Flat Martha is sooooo two dimensional. She just lays around all day long. She’s read all her books, watched all her TV shows, drunk 12 cups of tea and darned some socks. Flat Martha has no ambition to move off the comfort of her sofa, so she lays there. She is bored, bored, bored. It […]


Trina Buttonhead

Trina is a diviner, a seer, a seeker of dreams.  She speaks the language of the unseen.  While she has many eyes, her focus is inward, as she turns a blind eye to the outside world.  The stimulation and bombardment are too much for her.  She lives in the world of spirit and follows tiny […]


More Dolls — Meet Fred Buttonhead

Meet Fred Buttonhead.  Fred was a wrestler with the WWF(Worldwide Wrestling Federation), until he blew his knees out in a match one day.  Fred was forlorn, but he harbored a secret dream to become a street musician and spread his joy through music whenever he could.  He decided to seek out new vistas and packed […]