Blizzard Cake and Some More Fantabulous Mail

The blizzard is upon us with the full force
of nature’s fury.  35mph winds and sideways
snow arriving at 1-2″ and hour.  We have a foot
or more on the ground and more blasting to come.

Blizzard cake at 8:00 am this morning.

I am thinking white buttercream
frosting of the wedding cake variety
here.  Even the chairs got a dose
of heavy frosting too.  There was some
wet snow to begin so everything
is sticking.  My back will feel it later
I am sure.

More fantabulous mail from friends in the UK
Jennie, who sent me this framed piece of her stitching
in the form of a Christmas Card.  She is quite
the wonderful stitcher, not to mention the kindest
and nicest person out there, give her a shout.

Isn’t this just great. I can’t wait to put it on the wall
with my every growing fiber collection.

Royal mail(don’t you just love that term), arrived
from Lorna, with the fabulous new do.  A wonderful
packet of silks and papers and her two fiber pieces.

Sparkly flowers, cloth flowers,
some cartoons which are the
best and her fine fiber work.

Love this skull.

And this wonderful spiritual piece which Lorna shows often in her work.
Complex cloth indeed.

I am working on some slow cloth – a Valentine piece for the DH,
which I will photograph tomorrow when it actually looks like something.

Off to shovel some more, I will catch up with all your blogs later
today, as long as we have power.

On a final note, my heart goes out to Australia for the devastating
images we are seeing on the news and the tragedy of people
lost, families lost.  Our prayers are with you.

xox Corrine

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