Blizzard Beauty

The wind howled, husband plowed
and I snuggled under the covers until
6:00 am.  The blizzard raged
through the night and frosted our
world with it’s beauty.

The wreath and the house

were covered with gingerbread frosting
while 14″ of snow sat
on the ground.

All up and down the
East Coast of the US things
have come to  standstill.
After a nice hot cup of coffee,
I pulled on my
everything and headed out to
do my part in the plowing.
Birds ravished the feeders…

The juncos covered the ground
while the chickadee hung on for dear
life in the 40 mile and hour winds.
The snow was horizontal on the pond blown
by the wind.

And I contemplated a good
sit in the rocking chair, but
thought better of it.

A quick view of the latest snow cake,
with a few more inches to go before we
are done.  And I am back out to shovel
out the duck yard so they can see some light
this day.

Stay warm and safe wherever you are,
and yes Lorna, we’ve loads of wood
nice and dry in the house,
remember I am  kindling obsessed.

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New Year’s Day.

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