Art From The Bag-Art Fix Project 2

In an effort to stick with the
spirit of the Art Fix project,
I started working with
the scraps from the bag
I had scooped up from
my work-surface.

I had been in a funk all week,
feeling tension
and not much juice.
I feel like the reason
I zoomed into this
challenge was
to get going somehow.
This challenge is
great at just getting movement. 
Glue stick in hand
and a clean work-surface
and off I went.

Lots to use in that bag…
here is how project 2 evolved.

Scrap collage approximately

Paint, paint, paint and paint.
Oh yeah, and some bubble wrap.
Who doesn’t love bubble wrap?

Nine new post card faces
ready to be mounted to a substrate.

What a way to get motivated,
just do don’t think.

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