Ancient One’s Tails

The Ancient One is reaching
the December of his life and
I wanted to share some pictures
of him with you.

Yesterday he was sleeping
cozily nestled into Mama V’s
back on the sofa snuggled

deeply into the red blanket.

The dog who always
finds the best spot to
see the view.

The dog who thinks
nothing of jumping up
into a rocking chair,
while his brother’s and
sister’s run away
whenever it rocks.

The dog who pulled
on every walk, as
hard as he could, so now
he can no longer
walk on the leash
because of his arthritis.

The dog who seems
so innocent until
he eats your Japanese
maple to the ground
just for fun.

The dog who is the first
to make the path in the
snow even though he is
almost 15 and can
barely hold his hind
end up.

The dog who is
always on the hunt,
in motion. Like the
time he thought nothing
of chasing 12 deer in
the woods from 50 yards
behind and would have
gone until he dropped
if we hadn’t found him.

The dog who doesn’t
understand why he
can’t play with the
ducks and rabbits.

The dog who has
slept in, on, and over
every piece of furniture
in our house.

The dog who helps me
in the office.

The dog who is with me
everywhere. Whom we
rescued at 4 weeks and
4 pounds from the
shelter where he was
dumped and who never
fails to be my best friend,
my sweetest companion

He still runs in his
dreams, he still
licks the inside of
your nose(I know
it is gross, but it’s him).
Who wags his big,
fat white tail with love
and who snuggles in the
chair with me in the den
at night.

I want it to go on
forever, I just know
it can’t.  As he moves
into the Spring of his
15th year, I hope he
sees Summer.

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