A New Look

I have had this grapevine wreath
for about 15 years.  Every year
I change it up and hang it somewhere
in the house.  This year I decided to
do this….wreath in progress…

We have a gold coffee filter
and no longer need paper
coffee filters, but I had a
package hanging around,
so, they are being stuffed into
my grapevine for this year’s look.

I have some gold lame
thread I may wrap this
with, we’ll see.
When the holidays are
over, these filters can
be used again in other
creations…I like that.

Not much creating
going on around here,
the superhero got a
really bad flu that has
headaches as part of
it and I have been
fighting to keep myself
from getting sick, just
what we all need at
this busy time of year.

Beginning to play catch up
on all your blogs.

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