A Little Decorating Going On

When you live in a tiny cottage
and you have five dogs,
decorating for the holidays is a challenge
especially when there is a puppy involved.

This year we found the most beautiful wreath
at one of our local farms that was previewed
in Hobby Farm magazine over the summer.
Tendercrop Farm grows a substantial amount
of wonderful veg, but also huge quantities
of flowers for their dried wreath making
and their own chickens, eggs and turkeys
as well.

Even David fell in love with this wreath
and said we had to bring it home.

Dried grasses in a soft green with white dried flowers
and red accents with wax apples looks so lovely on
our pale yellow wall.

A tiny tree 30″ tall sits up on a bureau covered in
vintage linens from my favorite thrift and a little
viking from Stavanger, Norway guards my gilt.

The santa face and bell circle glass ornament are
from my childhood and there are various dog, bird
and rabbit ornaments on the tree in honor of the
members of our household.  An amber glass bowl
that belonged to David’s Mother is fill with glittery
goodness including the gold leaf heart my husband
gave me a few years ago.

An architectural remnant is on the wall above the
tiny tree and seems to provide a roof for the whole scene.

In the spirit of my Mother, something new must get
made every year to adorn the house.  My latest
addition is a totally Wabi Sabi paper wreath
made from vintage book pages, some Christmas
papers I pleated that carried the pale green and
red theme and coppery glitter.

It may not be perfect, but it provides a pretty startburst
for me to enjoy as I prep for dinner every night.

Have a sparkly rest of your weekend.

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