A Different View

Today we took Philo and Mama for
a walk on the frozen pond.  The weather
is supposed to turn warmer later in the week
and while there is probably a foot of ice
out there, I get nervous when March
rolls around.

I thought I would share our little walk
with you.  Most of the photos I took
were facing the sun as the beginning of the
pond is west of us so I played with the
photos to give you the best view.

No diving off the platform today.

See those power lines crossing
the cove.  They go to our road,
across water, impossible to get to,
been there since the 40’s.  Makes
perfect sense to you right? The
power company guys just scratch
their heads every time they have
to come out our way.

Ready for a swim? The swim sign at Camp Rotary,
can’t imagine why they call it a pool…

Almost a mile of ice to the end.

Why do we have to take
all these stupid pictures?

After dropping the dogs back at
the ponderosa, I went up the hill
behind the house to try and get
a shot of the new babies in the

These two mini-donks were
headed for slaughter, just because.
My neighbor and some friends
rescued them the day before
and they are here for a while, safe
and sound, with lots of loving
and good hay.  Aren’t they sweet.

Some signs that there
is really ground under all
that snow.  Nice lichen.

This oak held onto it’s leaves
all winter, rustling loudly
announcing it’s presence
speaking it’s wishes
on the wind.

The high view from the garden
down to the neighbors drive through
the woods. Some wood for next

Patterns on the drive.

Patterns on the mouse
chewed cardboard where
I keep my straw.


And more nests.


And the ducks on view.

Stories still to be told.

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