52 Projects #8

Another snowstorm is keeping us busy. More than a foot of snow is predicted. What better way to spend inside than to make a new journal out of an old hardcover book.

The book I chose is a decorating book and is 9″ x 11″ approximately. I tore out about half of the inside pages leaving big edges to make the binding secure and leave room for plenty of tipped in pages. I’ll start work on the inside in the next few weeks.

The collage process with magazine pages is so relaxing and meditative to me. Front cover “ordinary life ” is here:

And the back cover

This journal will make me smile when I start to work in it!  Snow is steady now, let’s hope the prediction of close to two feet is way off.  Happy creating.

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12 Responses to “52 Projects #8”

  1. froebelsternchen February 12, 2017 at 1:23 pm #

    The covers are super! Happy time with fillig your journal Corinne!
    oxo Susi

  2. Kay Wallace February 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm #

    I’d say you stand a good chance of being snowed in for a day or so. I really don’t miss it but I love seeing pictures of it. I’m excited that you’ll be working on this journal and hope you’ll be sharing inside pages, too. I can see why this will be your happy place whenever you’re in your studio. You and your superhero keep warm!

  3. Bleubeard and Elizabeth February 12, 2017 at 3:09 pm #

    I couldn’t wait to get here, because I have been worried about you and Erika. So glad you still have power and are safe and warm.

    This has actually inspired me to make another altered book. I am in love with those covers, and hope to see inside pages soon. Keep creating and enjoying time in your happy place (studio).

  4. Erika N February 12, 2017 at 3:26 pm #

    I was doing something similar just a while ago. This snow is really coming down, at this rate we will have our 2 feet long before the end of the storm. Ugh! But I’ve been working on a new journal and that made me smile. Loving the covers of your book, especially the front. Stay warm and dry Corrine. Hugs-Erika

  5. NancyLee February 12, 2017 at 3:36 pm #

    Love cutting magazine pages,too!
    So relaxing, you are right!

  6. Kat February 13, 2017 at 2:07 pm #

    Oh I love all this beautiful collage fun! Send some snow this way too please, I’d love to see our village turn white! Best wishes
    Kat xx

  7. sheila 77 February 13, 2017 at 3:29 pm #

    Number 8 already!
    Now this definitely is too much fun, and I can imagine it is so relaxing and creative too.
    I’ve got trillions of magazines, so absolutely must do this very soon.

  8. Julia - Vintage with Laces February 14, 2017 at 11:20 am #

    The covers looks great, Corrine! Have fun filling the pages. Hopefully you won’t get any more snowstorms. Stay warm!
    xo Julia

  9. Barbara Casillas February 14, 2017 at 4:08 pm #

    Making things with my hands is relaxing and meditative, some even more than others. Cutting shapes or pictures with scissors is one of them. Maybe it goes back to elementary school. There were always fun projects involving paper and scissors. I still love it to this day.

  10. Valerie-Jael February 16, 2017 at 7:38 am #

    Beautiful covers, have fun filling your journal. Hugs, Valerie

  11. Dorthe Hansen February 16, 2017 at 9:06 am #

    Living in a spring cover , while the snow is falling outside, is a lovely dream, Corrine, I hope you did not get a huge amount of it-and that this lovely cover brights your days to come, everytime you see it. Mathilde is still here, so just “stealing a few minutes ” online while she is occupied painting, like you :-)- xx

  12. johanna February 21, 2017 at 3:33 am #

    aah, this start holds big promises for great playtime! the cover Looks inviting!

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