Multiple Movements

Always a multiple of movements happening here. Switching between stitch, paint and dogs. Everything changes but the pulse and the rhythm stay the same. Predictable chaos. This gal in her before. And with her new ears Ryder, Tori and Ella. I managed to capture some new stills of them. And a new stitch project in […]


Journaling flow

Serious journaling flow going on here. We all know these muse periods come in waves, so I’m balancing on the wave as best I can. Journal play is akin to relaxed play in between periods of meditative stitching. I do some of each every day in between dog entertaining of course. I’ve been using stencils […]


This and that and mending

Pups are mending well. Ryder is now wearing a zip up dog fleece coat he can’t get into and it is working beautifully. No dreaded cone required. Roxie is all puppy again and happy and Peanut’s foot is okay. Whew!!! Now as long as the biopsy comes through okay we are back to our daily […]


Journal Healing

The good news : pups on the mend. We will have to wait for Ryder’s biopsy but we are optimistic for full recovery news. He is relaxing in his T-shirt protection. God willing we won’t need the dreaded cone!!! He is chilling out in his orange outfit. The journal has been a healthy big place […]


Back to the journal

Back to the journal for inspiration and motivation. Been a tough week past and to come. Two doggie surgeries. One to remove baby Roxie’s extra tooth. This week another for Ryder to remove a tiny cancer lump and a paw injury for Peanut. Going into hibernation until Spring after this. All of us. But the […]


I don’t want to be seen

After finishing “Braving the Wilderness” by Brene Brown, I’ve been examining issues of vulnerability and connection. The desire to be truly seen requires vulnerability according to Brown and a willingness to brave that wilderness of reveals the whole self no matter the consequences in order to fully connect as humans. Scary stuff right- show the […]


All over the place

Don’t know about you all out there, but creatively this month has been all over the place thus far. Paint, stencil, stamp, stitch and do it over again. Stitching a doll, working in the journal, stenciling and stamping background papers. Having some fun with Carolyn Dube’s stencil. And some journal play. What have you been […]



Quiet lives in a dream world of her own. Imaginary friends visit in her attic abode. A tiny circular window provides the view of minute revolving stories outside of time. Re-entry 2018. Be the light.