So the tree that almost wasn’t

Much to our surprise after a yoga class we arrived home to fine the plug end and more than a foot of lights from our tree in pieces on the ground. I am thankful that I am diligent about leaving everything unplugged while Miss Roxie, also known as Chewbacca, is a most curious puppy. I […]


Getting Festive Around Here

Up until yesterday I was NOT feeling so festive. But then the sunshine and cold and the smell of our neighbor’s wood smoke made me feel the spirit of the season. With new puppers Roxie around, we decided it was best to decorate the tree with non-breakables. So soft stars and Pom poms adorn our […]


Yes I can

Had a face come to me and this seemed like the best title for her expression. Yes, I can! She is determined that is for sure. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends and some time with the grown kiddo and his girl. Some local holiday cheer and a noodle bowl lunch! I also […]

Busy busy busy

Busy busy busy

I’ve been busy busy busy— how about you? Holidays, making, puppies and yoga. Is that enough?? More than enough I would say. Dolls are back calling to me. Meet Snowbell and Snowball. Snowbell is pretty sweet with her vintage fabrics and blues of winter and mini blue angel wings. Snowball is a bit wilder, looking […]

Olivia Odd

Olivia Odd

Olivia Odd lives in an orange house on Olympia Avenue in Oakdale. Olivia is neither ordinary or extraordinary but she likes order in her office at the outerwear factory. At home she enjoys making omelette‘s from the eggs of her pet Buff Orpington chickens. She enjoys oatmeal and okra too. In the evenings she cuddles […]

Tiny Art

Tiny Art

Tiny Art. Something small and a bit precious. I have been drawn to making tiny this week. By tiny I mean 5” x 7”. Using 140 lb watercolor  paper which I love to work on.  Paint and collage, making what shows up. Simple acts of creating are so joyous and restful. Enjoying having no expectations […]


Autumn Finally Arrives

Autumn has finally arrived here firmly in Maine.  We had temps near freezing for a few nights, a wild rain storm which knocked out power, sadly for many, for almost a week.  We were spared I think because we live near our local fire station with it’s marvelous WWII vintage siren to call the volunteers […]