Gifts for friends 

I ❤️ to make gifts for friends. I know that part of my heart is in each one and even if my friends don’t always like them, they know my heart was in it. My gift is freely given and if it doesn’t resonate they can pass it along to the person whom it may […]


Play Day Sunday 

I haven’t played in the studio with paints for a while. As a de-stressed, printing with my new Gel Press plates always melts the tension. I did a bit of fabric which is drying and so painted background papers using the super size 12×14″ plate. Something so satisfying about slapping it down on to whatever […]


Studio doings 

Designing and stitching imaginary creatures for the holiday fair. Each softie will have a tag so the child who receives it will know it’s their creature to define and name. Imaginary play making is the goal. They also appeal to the big kid in me. And to some of you, who have commented to me. […]


My animal

Making as always, some new dolls for the Gallery gift shop. “My Animal”. Each one will be slightly different so a child can decide what kind  of animal they want it to be. I like the idea of no preconceptions.  Is it an owl?  A bear? A cat? Or a animalope? Soft and cuddly for […]


Dolls and stars

Dolls and Stars. That’s what’s on my worktable. The elves are making away. Meet Edwina.  She’s a bookworm and wears really big glasses.  Her backside is as colorful as her front.  She keeps a tiny book close to her heart. More about her to come. But she feels pretty jazzy to me.  The elves have […]


Art closet under the stairs

One spot in the house we have ignored was a dingy under the stairs closet. I really wanted to get my materials organized and out of the way to provide more open workspace and a feeling of lightness in the studio. My oh so handy Superhero used up almost the last of our wood stash […]


Art is you recap

Just home after a great time seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Re-experiencing teachers again and learning from new ones. A charming ornaments class with Nellie Wortman. So nice and so generous. My wonky Charlie Brown star came from this class.  Seth Apter’s “A Book of Moments”  proved challenging in composing a cover, which […]


Running in Circles

I’ve been away from the blog world for almost two weeks.  Been running in circles while developing some new classes for 9-13 years olds for the gallery and town.  Making samples, getting ready for a workshop – Art-Is-You, where I get to see some long lost friends.  Face time is just not the same as […]


Acadia Goodbye

Our week was short and we packed it on including walking 27 miles in 4 days. Each morning we walked the shore path in Bar Harbor starting at the Independent where I picked up a strong coffee. Fog covered the bay every day until it burned off around noon but the sight was breathtaking.  The […]