52 Projects #10 and sewing room clean up

The spring cleaning bug hit me like a ton of bricks this weekend. I cleaned my sewing space today. Just finished a few moments ago. But before I share those photos I will show you project #10.  A mix of old and new mounted on a wood board. Moss, Sky and wood. A piece of […]


52 Projects #9

Spring Chaos. We had our first taste of Spring today after 30″ of snow last week. Warmth reached 57 F in our top of Southern Maine and a walkabout in the sun filled the bill. Ella and Peanut dog enjoyed a race along the beach today and the Superhero and myself took an afternoon stroll […]


52 Projects #8

Another snowstorm is keeping us busy. More than a foot of snow is predicted. What better way to spend inside than to make a new journal out of an old hardcover book. The book I chose is a decorating book and is 9″ x 11″ approximately. I tore out about half of the inside pages […]


52 Projects #7

Snowy day here in Maine. A good time to stay inside and finish up a day brightener.  A giant painted canvas heart 18″ wide by 28″ tall plus the hanger. for this soft sculpture, I used 7 oz. unprimed canvas and painted several layers into a free drawn heart shape. Cut, sew, and stitch on […]


52 Projects #6

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> (bloglovin can’t seem to find my blog, guess I have to do this again, ugh.   I’m a week ahead. Because I feel better and because this “me doll” is my portrait for a rogue’s gallery at our next show.  I had to go rogue with my portrait too, […]


52 Projects #4

Trying to get back from a week of yucky flu. I wouldn’t wish this bug on anyone. Luckily I got ahead on my making and had these vintage hearts finished before I hid under the covers.  Vintage feed sacks, simple stitching, glass beads and on the larger heart some vintage ribbon.  Feeling well enough to […]


52 Projects #3

A sunny aspect needed during these darkest months. A use it up, de-stash, hand stitch, knotted project to brighten even the dullest of days.  A heartfelt homage to sunnier days.  A splash of turquoise seas and pinks and Spring-like greens.  What inspires your creative mojo today?


52 Projects #2

Mixed media play for Valentine’s Day this week for project #2. A large 6″ paper mache purchased heart which I painted and glittered. A shiny something something for those I love. Made a bunch finger painting away and using metallic and transparent iridescent paints and some shiny glitter to finish. Off to work on some […]