Autumn Rising

There was a distinct chill breeze in the air this morning and I thought, Autumn rising.  Cool enough to close the doors and keep the windows from being wide open.  Even in the heat of the day, a sea breeze still prevailed and the air just felt- different. It won’t be long we know, before […]


WIP paintings

Painting, painting and more. Working on 8 canvases simultaneously. Getting ready for a show and an art fair. Blues have been calling me all summer. This river I walk daily must be singing to me. Sand and detritus, odd bits and fabric still to be-come a part of it all. Painting until the energy drains […]


Going postal

I haven’t made mail art in ages. Too long really. I’m doing a freebie event at the gallery about mail art. A drop in make and take so I dug out my collage supplies and put a pile of samples together which I will mail out after the drop in takes place. Playful random collage […]


Big head

WIP on my big head. Scaled oversize from the human form. Chop saw work and wood next…. Still having a romance with the guy behind the head. Got to love the man that poses with your creations. Adoring gesso and chalk paint and coffee as paint mediums. Found object eyes spoke to me. More next […]


Around here this week

Around here this week, Thursday found me at the gallery making flip books at our fiber arts meeting.  Here is my finished flip. 6″x 6″ and flips every which way.  We were learning from Susan Colburn Motta, an accomplished collage artist and bookmaker. Sadly she has no web link but here are some of the […]


A lot of WIP and not a lot of done

Stitching dolls, painting backgrounds. A lot of work happening all at once and not much finished. Summer time heat and I’m easily distracted. Sitting in the shade with iced coffee watching dog TV happening in the yard. A good Craig Johnson Longmire mystery and a nap in the hammock. A new way of eating, can […]


Dolls and dots

A traveler WIP. She’ll be part of something larger but I’m not giving away my secret yet. Painting canvas and lots of hand stitch. A different kind of journey for this gal. Painting in some dots in my journal waiting for her to dry. 


Blue Moon Pie

Blue moon pie. A Humpty Dumpty kind of gal. With her bright blue crown she’s sure to raise a smile or two.  She has a softness I did not see while creating her. It’s only in the photos as I look at them does it show up. I like her innocence.  She’s about 18″ tall […]


Art and Craft Fair

Today I am a puddle of mush.  I spent most of last evening with my event co-chair Susan at the York Art Association as we put together the Art and Craft Fair.  After sewing almost non-stop for a month or more,  I was ready to set-up the space and collapse.  It’s one thing to set […]